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    Mrs. Petipha Lewis-Smith Executive Director
    Mrs. Vivien Radix Senior Administrator
    Ms. Eudine Thomas Administrative Assistant



    Economic Affairs
    Chairperson – Mrs. Aine Brathwaite
    Overall Objective:
    Provide strategic guidance to the Chamber on economic matters.
    Specific Objectives:
    1.    Conduct research in issues of Private Sector interest, as identified by the GCIC Board and submit such reports to the Board.
    2.    Conduct periodic reviews of the state of economy as a whole or the state of sectors within the economy, prepare papers on such and make recommendations to the Chamber.
    3.    Periodically represent the Chamber in meetings with delegations from such bodies as World Bank, IMF, European Union and other Financial and Development organisation, as directed by the GCIC Board of Directors.
    Government Relations
    Chairperson – Mrs. Petipha Lewis-Smith
    Overall Objective:
    Work with the Public Sector to improve those Public Sector Services which are critical to the efficient functioning of the Private Sector.
    Specific Objectives:
    1.    Meet with representatives of the Public Sector to understand constraints they face in service delivery and assist in the identification of solutions.
    2.    Where appropriate, lobby on behalf of Public Sector bodies for resources to enhance their delivery capacities.
    3.    Mobilize Private Sector support, where possible, for Public Sector entities.
    Chairperson – Mr. George Bain
    Overall Objective:
    To ensure the Chamber remains fiscally sound and that monies are handled in a prudent manner.
    Specific Objectives:
    1.    Assist in the preparation of the Chamber’s Annual Budget.
    2.    Assist the GCIC Board and Secretariat in identifying and preparing projects for the economic viability of the Chamber.
    3.    Work with the Chamber to engender more efficient use of the organization’s scares resources.
    Membership & Public Relations
    Chairperson:  Mr. Clive Hosten
    Overall Objective:
    Guide the Chamber in projecting itself in the most positive light possible, as well as fostering the greatest understanding among Government and Civil Society for the role of the Camber and advocacy concerns of the Private Sector.
    Specific Objectives:
    1.    Creation of public Relation Plan to support the overall objectives of the Committee.
    2.    Development of the GCIC Website as an effective tool for marketing the Chamber, as well as for the generation of resources for the organisation.
    3.    Development of efficient means for informing the GCIC membership and the wider Private Sector of important developments in the investment and trading environment.
    4.    Manage the production of regular GCIC newsletter.
    Business Development
    Chairperson:   Mr. Ruel Edwards
    1.    To provide support to SMEs
    2.    To enhance competitiveness and export readiness
    3.    To develop a mentorship programme
    Money Making
    Chairperson: Clive Hosten
    1.    To build the financial stability of the Chamber
    2.    To oversea and create revenue generating projects
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