Business Networking
Members can participate in a full schedule of business and social events, and meet people who can help their business grow.
Technical Assistance for Businesses
GCIC is able to assist either with practical help or advice on areas such as business development, export readiness, product development amongst other things.
Trade Negotiations
Up to date information on Local and Regional Agreements and negotiations that can positively impact your business.
Trade Missions and Trade Promotion
GCIC participates in Trade Missions all over the world working closely with businesses and the relevant Government Ministries.
Training & Workshops
Ongoing industry-driven training courses are held to support the business community at discounted rates.
GCIC communicates issues on controversial items affecting businesses, Industry and Community Development.
Youth Development
GCIC sponsors a very successful Junior Achievement Programme, exposing youth to business entrepreneurship.
Special Events & Networking
GCIC provides opportunities for members to make new contacts and keep up-to-date with business issues through events such as: